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The Mask

Self-Selected "Personality"

The Mask is how we portray ourselves to the world and in public; how we present ourselves. The mask we wear is not who we really are.


Man / Environment

Character is our adopted belief systems and learned behaviors. Our character is developed within us by the influences outside of us: Moral & religious belief systems, upbringing, etc.


In Born Nature

Temperament is your in born nature, your inborn traits and the way you relate to those around you.

About EI Solutions

EI Solutions is an elite level training program that specializes in Temperament Analysis which is a clinical diagnostic tool used to assess one’s inborn temperament. It is extremely valuable in helping you better understand yourself and also for the analyst to be more effective with a customized plan for training and development.

Unlike personality tests that skim the surface of who you are, temperament analysis gets to your core being. It is your inborn character which then becomes layered with conditioning from your environment, influencers, and scripts from your childhood, which is then covered up by your personality. Your personality is who YOU want to be/ how you project into the world, and therefore may be very different than who you actually are. This is why people experience so much inner conflict. When you get to the root of your temperament, you're able to uncover the deeper issues and effectively deal with the inner conflicts that keep you from being and becoming the “real you” or the genuine self.

Temperament analysis promotes the strengthening of individuals, couples and families. We provide an integrated approach, utilizing tools that psychology has to offer, as well and highly affected, proven Temperament analysis, to discover your strengths, weaknesses, and particular needs. As you grow and mature in the process, your emotional and spiritual needs can be more effectively met, turning those weaknesses into strengths.

We understand that our potential lies within, so we approach personal development from the “inside out”. Our goal is to help you mature and become emotionally healthy, or “intelligent”.

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