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Bill Hoffman

Pastor Bill Hoffman - Founder, Pastor Emeritus

Bill Hoffman is the founder of Emotional Intelligence Solutions. Having an extensive background in ministry work with the homeless population of New York City and Elizabeth New Jersey, Bill continued his education throughout his career. While maintaining a leadership role in New York City Relief, a mobile outreach to the poor and homeless in New York City, he was credentialed as a Clinical Pastoral Counselor through the National Christian Counselors Association. He also was a staff pastor at Calvary Tabernacle Church in Cranford New Jersey, being the Pastoral Care Director, Missions Pastor, Hospital Ministry Director, and Stephens Ministry Director.

While his educational endeavors qualified him to counsel in many settings and positions, it was his own struggles in marriage and raising children that sent him to receive help himself… help so profoundly effective that his educational track led him to the study of Temperament. This knowledge and implementation of this understanding in his own life ultimately led to the formation of Kairos Life counseling, whichyears later birthed Emotional Intelligence Solutions.

Over the years Bill developed a comprehensive, integrated approach to counseling that includes temperament analysis, cognitive behavioral understanding, inner healing, relationship and marriage counseling and more. Overarching these specific areas is helping individuals become the most authentic “version” of themselves. This “process” helps equip the individual in life, relationships, marriage, business and leadership.

Bill helped recruit and train counselors in the EIS approach known as “The Process”, reflected in his book titled “The Process, A Proven Strategy for Creating Emotionally Healthy Leadership in Relationships, Business and in Life”, published in 2020.

The EIS team of counselors are all well equipped and certified to help people navigate their life journey to prosper as individuals, couples, in their career, business; literally in all areas of their life journey.

As Pastor Bill enters his retirement in 2023, his work carries on, led by innovative leaders, Justin and Amanda McNeil. Their youthful, yet seasoned leadership ability, style and capacity,help poise EIS for its next season of helping people reach their full potential in all areas of life.

Kiele Hauser

Kiele is passionate about seeing people step into the lives they were born for. She believes that everyone deserves to feel loved, seen, and known - and that seeing people set free from the scripts of the past allows us to have hope for the future. For years she has worked with leaders, entrepreneurs and executives across different spaces - helping them identify their worth, embrace their purpose and recognize their value, both at a professional and personal level. Kiele also works with organizations to cast vision, plan strategically and create strong cultures through leadership development.

Her direct, warm and (sometimes) hilarious approach has made her a sought after speaker both nationally and abroad. She thoroughly enjoys working alongside people to better understand themselves and their purpose, often through paradigm shifts and creative solutions. Kiele loves seeing relationships strengthened and restored through conflict resolution and mutual understanding, and has helped hundreds of couples forge healthy homes and connected relationships.

Over the course of the last two decades, Kiele has worked as a teacher, a pastor and a counselor, and holds a Master Practitioner License in ELI-MP and is a Temperament Counselor by the NCCA. She lives in Long Beach, NY and loves seeing the world, one beach at a time.

Justin McNeil

Dr. Justin McNeil holds a PhD in Pastoral Theology with a dissertation emphasis on neuroscience. He also holds a Master of Arts in Christian Counseling from Heritage University and Seminary. He is a Certified Life Coach and he is also a Certified Temperament Counselor and Licensed Pastoral Counselor with the NCCA and member of the American Association of Christian Counselors. He was ordained in 2007 at City of Life Church in Orlando, FL, where he continues to serve as an Associate Pastor. He is also a 200-hour certified fitness instructor with two areas of specialty.

Justin has an exceptional gift to teach and counsel people in a creative and clear way that captures listeners of various life stages. He aims to use his unique voice and creativity to inspire people to live with enthusiasm, to discover the power of God’s Truth, and to show love to everyone. As a Pastor, he counts it an honor to walk with people on their most joyous days and on their most difficult days. As a counselor he is committed to honoring the stories of clients and bearing witness to their healing. As a coach, he is motivated to help others win in healthy, sustainable, and holistic ways.

He and his wife, Amanda, reside in sunny Florida along with their son, Malachi. Temperament therapy revealed he is a Choleric-Choleric Compulsive-Supine Compulsive, and helped him understand how to receive love as well as how to navigate through deep grief and crippling panic disorder. He now uses his combination of life experience, training, and a biblical foundation to equip leaders, walk with others on the path of healing, and teach methods of daily discipline to make way for achieving strong, healthy goals in life, relationships and business.

His skills are best-suited for high-performance clients wanting to master their emotional intelligence in leading others, stabilizing relationships in crisis, mentoring matters of integrity and faith especially in masculine development, and conflict resolution in professional and personal relationships.

Amanda McNeil

Pastor Amanda McNeil holds a MA in Christian Counseling from Heritage University and Seminary and a BA in Psychology from Southeastern University. She is a Certified Temperament Counselor and Certified Pastoral Counselor with the NCCA. She is a Certified SYMBIS Facilitator for premarital counseling. She was ordained as a Pastor in 2012 at City of Life Church in Orlando, FL, where she currently serves as an Associate Pastor

As a young person, Amanda experienced family tragedy and learned how to draw near to God in the middle of it. This inspired her drive to help others find hope in the darkest of seasons. She is also passionate about helping marriages thrive with healthy communication, continued intimacy, and balancing budgets, parenthood, and goals. She has facilitated premarital counseling for hundreds of couples over the last nine years.

Amanda, her husband, Justin, and their miracle son are Florida natives. Overcoming the dynamics of being raised in a blended home, personal tragedy, grief, and facing infertility, have given her an authoritative voice of hope.

Sandy Myers

Sandy Myers is a graduate of Oral Roberts University and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Pastoral Christian Ministries. She brings over 20 years of work experience in the areas of leadership, counseling, coaching, and non-profit organization.

Sandy is passionate about helping people find personal breakthroughs. A strong faith in God led her to overcome challenges in her childhood and teenage years. As a result, she began her pastoral counseling experience helping young people overcome life-controlling issues such as eating disorders, trauma, depression, anxiety, addictions, and codependency.

Sandy is certified as a Life Coach, as well as a Certified Temperament Counselor and a Licensed Pastoral Counselor under N.C.C.A since 2006. She specializes in helping clients align their lives to truth, promote self-awareness, and find personal fulfillment in their current roles of influence. Sandy believes that temperament analysis is an effective tool in emotional intelligence and improving relationship dynamics.

She currently resides in Central Florida with her wonderful husband, Chad and their miracle daughter, Jenna. God blessed them with a child after many years of infertility. Sandy is an elder leader at City of Life Church where she enjoys teaching classes, participating in community outreach, and integrating new volunteers into areas of service.

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